Social Commerce Solution

Joinedapp offers a synthesized combination of AI-assisted features and immersive experiences powered by technologies such as augmented reality, NLP, and predictive analytics that enable businesses to effectively engage the mobile-first generation on social media, messaging apps, voice-enabled devices, and marketplaces.

ECommerce Channels on Social Media

  • Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, LinkedIn, TikTok, ...
  • Alexa and Google Home
  • Amazon Brand Stores

Virtual AI Assistant Chatbot

  • End-to-end shopping via messaging
  • Automated customer support FAQs
  • Built-in re-marketing capabilities & personalization

Micro-app Shopping Experiences

  • Shop-by-look checkouts, how-to-video tutorials, virtual mirror try-ons, product recommendation quizzes, apparel sizing flows
  • Built-in global payment
  • Fully integrated with social media analytics - pixels

Marketing Automation & Business Intelligence Dashboard

  • Lead-gen, conversion & re-engagement campaigns
  • Built-in Email & SMS outreach capabilities
  • Embedded advanced business analytics